Research Center for Engineering of
                Systems with Complex Fluids

Title: Grant of the Romanian National Authority for Scientific research, CNCS- UEFISCDI,
Project Number: UPT PN-II-RU-PD-2011-3-0153/2011
Project Director: DRAGOMIRESCU Ioana
Project Members: SUSAN-RESIGA Romeo,
Institution: UPT
Year:2011, 2012, 2013
Project Type: National Project
Laboratory: Numerical Simulation and Parallel Computing Laboratory
Description: Short description of the project: The project approaches the fundamental problem of hydrodynamic stability of swirling flows with applications in turbomachinery. The research on this subject will address the mathematical modeling, the dynamic and stability of swirling flows, as well as the vortex breakdown phenomenon, which are all examples of fundamental problems in fluid dynamic. The main objective of the project is to elaborate an improved methodology for investigating swirling flows using the mathematical analysis of hydrodynamic instabilities.