Research Center for Engineering of
                Systems with Complex Fluids

Title: Imbunatatirea Managementului Universitar
Project Number: POSDRU proiect strategic
Project Director: ANDONE Diana
Project Members: MUNTEAN Nicolae, GONTEAN Aurel, GRECEA Daniel, CRAINIC Nicolae, MOCAN Marian, VIZMAN Daniel,
Institution: UPT
Year:2010 _ 2011
Project Type: National Project
Laboratory: Rheology Laboratory
Description: The main objective is to enhance the participators knowledge and skills into methodologies for the department/center management and to transfer knowledge and expertise to the third parties stream. 'Third stream' is defined as anything other than research and teaching, the two core elements of University activity. Third stream can involve a range of activities such as consultancy, contract research, the commercialisation of research, organising events, renting, socio-economic relations with any other type of institutions, local, regional or national community involvement, etc