Research Center for Engineering of
                Systems with Complex Fluids

Title: Materials, Energy and Sustainable Growth
Project Number: Education and Culture DG, Lifelong Learning Programme, 09 _ ERIP – 06862 – 05060 - 02
Project Director: CRAINIC Nicolae
Project Members: GUBENCU Dinu,
Institution: UPT
Year:2010, 2011, 2012
Project Type: International Project
Laboratory: Rheology Laboratory
Description: Concerning the objective related with the volume of students and teaching staff it can be stated that this IP Project “ME & SG” will encompass nine European schools, about fifteen teachers and more than one hundred students. The quality of multilateral cooperation is ensured because of the nature of subjects related with sustainable growth. Indeed, the economic growth and social development of Europe depends on the incorporation of high tech in its products, always with respect of environmental aspects. The participation of enterprises as sponsors and lecturers, as they will bring their experience in the IP field and hosting the students and lecturers in their laboratories will deepen the relationship between HEI and the industrial world. As for innovative practices in education, this IP Project “ME & SG” will promote the exchange of pedagogical experiences among lecturers that can be reflected, namely, in the improvement of laboratorial didactical experiments for the regular courses. Concerning the priorities, the proposed subjects are intended, for the level of students targeted by the IP, to awaken them for those relevant subjects, giving them practical solid knowledge, without unnecessary theoretical studying which would require a lengthy course. Upon approval, all students will be awarded ECTS for participating in the IP, as pre agreed in the Learning Agreements signed by the students, sending institutions and host institution. The multidisciplinary approach will be accomplished since lecturers of different scientific backgrounds (energy and materials) will work together, focused on common subjects (Materials and energy as driving forces for sustainable growth_ ME & SG).