Research Center for Engineering of
                Systems with Complex Fluids

Title: Serving the local community using the power of air currents
Project Number: ctr. nr. 3416/21-036/2007
Project Director: MILOS Teodor
Project Members: DOBANDA Eugen, MANEA Adriana, Badarau Rodica, STROITA Daniel, POTORAC Ioan, CIOBOTARU Daniela,
Institution: UPT
Year:2007,2008, 2009,2010
Project Type: National Project
Laboratory: Numerical Simulation and Parallel Computing Laboratory
Description: The Aeolian turbines are generally, a cheaper alternative for energy production than the photovoltaic systems in the regions where the speed of the wind is over 4 m/s. The Marga village from Caras-Severin County, the sanatorium Complex of Christian Medical Association IZVORUL TAMADUIRII is located, is at about 750 m altitude. The air currents blow in a direction in the morning, in the valley with the complex, and other direction in the afternoon. It will choose the optimum solution for Aeolian turbine for this construction area, through all the researches in the frame of the team of teachers from the universities participant in the project. This turbine will be manufactured at SC CLAGI SRL, because it has the needed possibilities for this. It will create a special soft for registering the information from the field, coordination and optimum watching of electric energy production. The peculiar of the project is the possibility to choose the configuration of the turbine palette with the calibration and simulation of the flow with the peculiar soft existent in the CNISFC framework of UPT. Also, it will generate, owing to database we will create, reports over environment conditions, the air movements in that area, using the information received from the sensors in the measure areas. It is wanted that the turbine, the method and the process of electric energy achieving, respectively the software program, in order to be the object of a future pattern request. The final solutions founded will select the possibilities of options of different functioning of the turbines, according to the costs. The implementation of such systems for obtain electric energy will further allow position them in other environment areas. It will be made public the achieving of this applicative research through its dissemination. It will be achieved efficiently the demand with the achievement of an absolutely necessary objective in a world in changing from energetic point of view. This project will have a social impact.