Research Center for Engineering of
                Systems with Complex Fluids

Title: The Particularities According the Elaboration Process and the Die Casting for the Magnesium Aluminium Alloys (MG 95%).
Project Number: BC 40 / 27.04.2012
Project Director: CRAINIC Nicolae
Project Members: RADUTA Aurel, NICOARA Mircea,
Institution: UPT
Beneficiary:TRW Automotive Safety Systems SRL
Project Type: National Project
Laboratory: Rheology Laboratory
Description: The consultancy according the elaboration and die casting, the solidification that are specific to the Magnesium - Aluminium alloys (Mg 95%). Introduction in the material science of the Magnesium – Aluminium Alloys (Mg 95%). The fundamental elements according the Aluminium - Magnesium Alloys (Mg 95%). The technology of die casting of the Magnesium – Aluminium Alloys (Mg 95%)