Research Center for Engineering of
                Systems with Complex Fluids


  The main expertises are in hydraulic machinery domain (design, numerical simulation and advanced experimental investigation),  magnetic nanofluids, magnetorheological fluids and magnetizable nanocomposites (complex characterization, research, production and application development)


Numerical Simulation and Parrallel Computing Laboratory


-        Numerical analysis and stability analysis of decelerated swirling flows in hydraulic turbine draft tube; development of novel flow control techniques for Francis turbines operated at partial discharge.

-         Full three-dimensional flow simulation and analysis in Kaplan and Francis hydraulic turbines;

-         Parallel computing algorithms, development and implementation;

-         Technical solutions for micro-hydroturbines and development of design methods for hydraulic turbomachinery design;

-         Static and dynamic identification and study of transients in pumps and turbines;

-         Hydrodynamics of cavitation with applications to Kaplan and Francis turbines;

-         Cavitation erosion studies for materials used in hydraulic turbines;

-         Experimental investigations for hydraulic proportional equipment;

-         Simulation and analytical modelling of flows in hydraulic poppet valves;

  Design of turbomachinery blades using the inverse program TURBOdesign.















Numerical simulation using ANSYS Fluent code with TYANPSC 600 supercomputer having 10 processors on 64 bit and 40 GB RAM with 1.2 TB data storage.







Experimental investigations with optical system Laser Doppler Velocimetry able to measure two velocity components and four pressure signals simultaneously.







 Magnetometry and Rheology Laboratories


-         Advanced characterization methods of the flow and magnetic behaviour of complex fluids and nanocomposites;

-         High performance multifunctional materials for magnetically controlled heat transfer processes;

-         Rotating seals, sensors, semiactive dampers;

-         Biomedical applications.