Research Center for Engineering of
                Systems with Complex Fluids


  The objectives in Numerical Simulation and Parallel Computing Laboratory are:


  • Numerical Simulation in hydrodynamics of turbomachinery and hydraulic equipment and development of software bases for intelligent machines and installations
  • Development of numerical methods to simulate the flow in turbomachines, cascades and development of complex models to determine the universal characteristics of cascades and turbomachines
  • Constructive solutions for turbines and micro-turbines and research and design of turbomachines
  • Optimization of hydraulic machinery using modern numerical methods
  • Cavitation in turbomachinery with application to Francis and Kaplan turbines, cavitation erosion of materials used for hydraulic machines.
  • Design of hydraulic drive systems for industrial applications, modular optimization of the structures and elements of hydraulic drives systems
  • Experimental tests on standard and proportional hydraulic equipment, using automated acquisition of experimental data