Research Center for Engineering of
                Systems with Complex Fluids

Microsoft Student Partners Laboratory

The Microsoft Laboratory represents the center for the training and evaluation sessions for students engaged in specific activities of the Academic Computer Science Program.

Students with expertise in configuring, maintaining and using Microsoft software offer expert advice and assistance to all users of the laboratory for a wide range of applications they develop / use.

The Microsoft Laboratory uses the hardware infrastucture of the National Center for Engineering of Systems and  benefits from a generous donation from Microsoft (€ 18,330), consisting of:

  •     Windows 2000 Advanced Server (1 License)
  •     Windows 2000 Professional (14 Licenses)
  •     Visual Studio Enterprise Edition 6.0(14 Licenses)
  •     Microsoft Office XP Professional(14 Licenses)
  •     MSDN Universal (14 Licenses).

To this is added a rich bibliography made available to users of the laboratory.