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Title: Particularities Concerning the Influence of Processing Parameters in the Production of Glass Reinforced Thermoplastic Matrix Towpregs
Published In: Buletinul Stiintific al Universitatii Politehnica din Timisoara, Seria MECANICA, Transactions on MECHANICS, Tom 46 (60), Fascicola 2, 2001, pp. 69 – 74
Description: Abstract: This work describes the dry coating process, developed to deposit polymer powders on continuous fibres for the production of thermoplastic matrix composites, the improvements that were made on the machine to increase the polymer deposition, and controlling parameters that influence the process. This system enables the production of powder impregnated Towpreg at a lower cost than the convenient production of twin-tex, because of a high speed range and a high degree of automation and innovative parts described in [Maquina para producao em continuo de pre-impregnados com matriz termoplastica em po] and patented Portuguese Pat. 102494 (2000)
ISSN:ISSN 1224 - 6077
Publication year: 2001
Keywords:Powder Coating, Filament Winding
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Authors: CRAINIC Nicolae , SILVA Jorge Francisco , VIEIRA Pedro , NUNES João Pedro , MARQUES Antonio Torres ,
Type: National Journal Article
Laboratory: Rheology Laboratory
Institution: UPT