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Title: Experimental investigation and optimisation of a pumping station operating point using the variable speed approach
Published In: Proceedings of the "International Conference on Case Studies in Hydraulic Systems", Belgrad, Serbia, pp. 163-170
Description: Many existing pumping station, as well as the design for the new ones, increasingly use the idea of reducing the pumping units number, while operating at or around the best efficiency point by adjusting the rotational speed. This approach requires a frequency converter which continuously modifies the electrical engine speed within the required range. Modifying the flow rate by adjusting the outlet vane is by far less economical than changing the pump rotational speed. A clear image of an optimum operation mode can be obtained by overlapping the pump operation characteristic at variable rotating speed on the pipe network operation characteristic. A variable rotating speed pump installed in a hydraulic loop and a real time computerized data acquisition system was used in order to perform the experimental investigation.
Publication year: 2003
Keywords:pumping station, operating point, variable speed approach, efficiency, energy saving, thermodynamic method
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Authors: MILOS Teodor , BAYA Alexandru , ANTON Liviu Eugen , STUPARU Adrian ,
Type: International Conference Proceedings
Laboratory: Numerical Simulation and Parallel Computing Laboratory