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Title: Numerical Simulation Of Two-Phase Cavitating Flow In Turbomachines
Published In: Scientific Bulletin of the “Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Transactions on Mechanics, Tom 49(63), Special Issue, pp. 439-446
Description: ABSTRACT The paper briefly reviews the methodology currently employed for industrial cavitating flow simulations using the two-phase mixture model. It is shown how further theoretical developments can be included in expert commercial codes such as FLUENT using the User Defined Function facility. The two-phase mixture model is evaluated and validated using two benchmark problems where experimental data are available. The first case is the axisymmetric hemispherical cavitating body, and the second one corresponds to a truncated NACA0009 hydrofoil. Both problems are solved using 2D (axisymmetric and plane, respectively) models. Next, a 3D cavitating flow computation is performed for the GAMM Francis runner. The model is able to qualitatively predict the location and extent of the 3D cavity on the blade, but further investigation are needed to quatitatively assess the accuracy for real turbomachinery cavitating flows.
ISSN:ISSN 1224-6077
Publication year: 2004
Keywords:Cavitating flow numerical simulation, two-phase mixture cavitation model, hydraulic Francis turbine
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Authors: BERNAD Sandor , MUNTEAN Sebastian , SUSAN-RESIGA Romeo , ANTON Ioan ,
Type: National Journal Article
Laboratory: Numerical Simulation and Parallel Computing Laboratory
Institution: ARFT