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Title: The efficiency of some magnetic nano-compounds in the skin protection against UV radiations
Published In: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Vol. 311, pp. 363-366
Description: The protective effect of some magnetic nanocompounds against prolonged exposure to UV radiation was investigated. Research was carried in white mice whose auricles (ears) were treated with magnetic nanocompounds in various concentrations. After 8 h of exposure, small auricular fragments from treated and control animals were prepared for cytohistological studies. In animals treated with magnetic nanocompounds, no erythema or other UV-induced changes were noticed. The magnetic nanoparticles thus were UV protective and might be useful as a sunscreen.
ISSN:ISSN: 0304-8853
Publication year: 2007
Keywords:Application; Magnetic nanoparticles; Protection; UV radiations
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Authors: SINCAI Mariana , ARGHERIE Diana , GANGA Diana , BICA Doina , VEKAS Ladislau ,
Type: International Journal Article
Laboratory: Magnetometry Laboratory
Institution: ARFT