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Title: 3D Numerical Simulation of the Flow into the Suction Elbow and Impeller of a Storage Pump
Published In: Proceedings of the 4th International Meeting on Cavitation and Dynamic Problems in Hydraulic Machinery and Systems, IAHR-WG2011, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia, pp. 151-161
Description: This paper aims to evaluate the hydrodynamic behaviour of a storage pump. Therefore, the flow into a hydraulic passage of a storage pump is investigated. The suction elbow has a special geometry that influences the hydrodynamic field at the inlet of the impeller. As a result, the unsteady phenomena are generated and cavitational performances of the impeller are deteriorating. Threedimensional numerical simulation is performed using the “mixing interface” technique in order to analyze the influence of the suction elbow on the impeller hydrodynamic field. However, using the mixing interface technique the non-uniformity generated into the suction elbow is not taken into account in the flow impeller. Consequently, three-dimensional steady and turbulent flow in a relative reference frame is performed in one interblade impeller channel. The structure of the hydrodynamic field (velocity and pressure) at the inlet section of the impeller is investigated. Moreover, the pressure coefficient distribution on the blade is plotted. The numerical results are plotted for three operating points, the lowest flow rate 0.8·Qn, the nominal flow rate Qn and the highest flow rate 1.35·Qn. The conclusions are presented in last section of the paper.
ISBN:ISBN 978-86-7083-740-9
Publication year: 2011
Keywords:storage pump, impeller, inlet pipe, hydrodynamic field, pressure coefficient.
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Authors: GINGA Gheorghita , STUPARU Adrian , BOSIOC Ilie Alin , ANTON Liviu Eugen , MUNTEAN Sebastian ,
Type: International Conference Proceedings
Laboratory: Numerical Simulation and Parallel Computing Laboratory
Institution: UPT