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Title: Studies on Stress and Strain State of a Hip Joint Endoprosthesis
Published In: Annals of DAAAM 2008 & Proceedings of the 19th International DAAAAM Symposium, Vienna, Austria 2008, Vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 357 – 358
Description: Abstract: The paper presents a study on a hip joint endoprosthesis. The paper deals with some stress and strain aspects for a hip joint endoprosthesis. These aspect are depicted from a complex finite element analyze in Ansys. This study has two stages: obtaining the 3D model for the bone and endoprosthesis, analyzing the model in Ansys – to obtain stress and stree state informations. With these informations the orthopedist take a good decision for a proper hip joint endoprosthesis used for a named patient
ISBN:ISBN 978-3-901509-68-1
ISSN:ISSN 1726-9679
Publication year: 2008
Keywords:total hip arthroplasty, computational model, hip prosthesis, stress and strain state of a hip joint
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Authors: STICLARU Carmen , DAVIDESCU Arjana , CRAINIC Nicolae , FAUR Cosmin ,
Type: International Conference Proceedings
Laboratory: Rheology Laboratory
Institution: UPT