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Title: Experimental Analysis of Unsteady Velocity in Decelerated Swirling Flows
Published In: Proceedings of the 4th International Meeting on Cavitation and Dynamic Problems in Hydraulic Machinery and Systems, IAHR-WG2011, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia, pp. 98-105
Description: The paper will present our experimental investigations of the jet control method for swirling flow with vortex rope. The experimental investigation consists by the measurements and analysis of the mean velocity and also of velocity fluctuations. From the measurements of the mean velocity from the test section is observed the stagnation region in the case of swirling flow with vortex rope and elimination once that the water is injected. From the measurements of velocity fluctuations in different points from survey axis is analysed the reduction of the velocity pulsations were the water is injected. However from the first analysis of pressure fluctuations is observed a sudden drop when the jet is injected and is expected that this sudden drop to be find also in velocity fluctuations.
ISBN:ISBN 978-86-7083-740-9
Publication year: 2011
Keywords:vortex rope, water jet method, LDV measurements, velocity fluctuations.
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Authors: BOSIOC Ilie Alin , TANASA Constantin , SUSAN-RESIGA Romeo , MUNTEAN Sebastian ,
Type: International Conference Proceedings
Laboratory: Numerical Simulation and Parallel Computing Laboratory
Institution: UPT