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Title: Small-angle neutron scattering contrast variation on magnetite-myristic acid-benzene magnetic fluid
Published In: Journal of Surface Investigation-X-Ray and Neutron Techniques, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 1-4
Description: A magnetic fluid with magnetite dispersed in D-benzene and stabilized by myristic acid is investigated using the contrast variation technique in small-angle neutron scattering. The results obtained are interpreted within a new approach to the basic functions for polydisperse multicomponent and superparamagnetic systems. Myristic acid is considered an alternative to oleic acid, which is commonly used in these fluids. The parameters characterizing the particle size distribution function and the thickness of the myristic acid layer are determined. The data obtained are in good agreement with the results derived from previous investigations with the use of polarized neutrons.
ISSN:ISSN: 1027-4510
DOI:DOI: 10.1134/S1027451009010017
Publication year: 2009
Keywords:Magnetic fluid, neutron scattering
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Authors: FEOKTYSTOV Artem , AVDEEV Mikhail , AKSENOV Viktor Lazarevich , BULAVIN L. A. , BICA Doina , VEKAS Ladislau , GARAMUS Vasil , WILLUMEIT Regine ,
Type: International Journal Article
Laboratory: Magnetometry Laboratory
Institution: ARFT