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Title: Muon spectroscopy of a frozen ferrofluid
Published In: Magnetohydrodynamics, Vol. 44, No. 1, pp. 61-68
Description: The behavior of the muons stopped in a magnetite D2O-based ferrofluid in the temperature range of 114-300 K, both in zero field and in a transversal field applied to the muon-spin direction, was investigated. A considerable relaxation of the muon polarization was observed in both cases. Some irregularities of the behaviour of the polarization amplitude and the relaxation rate were observed in zero field at 240-255 K. The dispersion of the magnetic field at the muons in the sample, delta B approximate to 20 G, was obtained.
ISSN:ISSN: 0024-998X
Publication year: 2008
Keywords:Superparamagnetic relaxation; magnetite; Fe3O4
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Authors: BALASOIU Maria , AKSENOV Viktor Lazarevich , BICA Doina , DUGINOV V. N. , GRITSAJ K .I. , MAMEDOV T. , TRIPADUS V. , VEKAS Ladislau , ZHUKOV V. A. ,
Type: International Journal Article
Laboratory: Magnetometry Laboratory
Institution: ARFT