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                Systems with Complex Fluids
Title: Feedforward-Output Tracking Regulation Control for Human-in-the-Loop Camera Systems
Published In: American Control Conference (ACC), Portland OR, pp. 3676-3681
Description: Platforms like gantries, booms, aircraft and submersibles are equipped with cameras. People teleoperate such platforms to capture desired views of a scene or a target. To avoid collisions with the environment and occluded views, such platforms are often equipped with redundant degrees-of-freedom. The operator must manually coordinate multiple degreesof- freedom in order to get desired views. Tracking moving targets becomes especially tedious and often requires several highly skilled operators. Visualservoing some degrees-of-freedom may reduce operator burden and improve tracking performance. This paper builds upon previous successes with human-in-the-loop visual-servoing by marrying the platform’s dynamics with computer vision. A broadcast boom is modelled and both simulation and experimental tests contrasting trained and untrained camera operators are presented.
Publication year: 2005
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Authors: STANCIU Rares , OH Paul ,
Type: International Conference Proceedings
Laboratory: Numerical Simulation and Parallel Computing Laboratory