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                Systems with Complex Fluids
Title: Three-dimensional microstructural investigation of high magnetization nano-micro composite fluids using X-ray microcomputed tomography
Published In: Smart Materials and Structures
Description: X-ray microcomputed tomography was used for three dimensional investigation of the microstructure of suspensions of multidomain soft iron particles in magnetic nanofluids. The measurements were performed using two different approaches: by keeping the sample frozen and by applying an external magnetic field. Results show that already a relatively low magnetic field gradient drives the micron-sized iron particles towards the stronger field and thus leads to a redistribution of the ferromagnetic particles in the magnetic nanofluid. Three-dimensional images of the internal microstructure of the composite magnetizable fluid (CMF) were obtained not only for the nano-micro composite system placed in a closed sample holder, but also for the spikes formed at the CMF free surface. It was demonstrated that the X-ray microcomputed tomography is an efficient way to investigate the distribution and chain formation of ferromagnetic microparticles in the magnetic nanofluid carrier allowing an analysis even at a single particle level.
Publication year: 2014
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Authors: BORBATH Tunde , BORBATH Istvan , Gunther , MARINICA (BALAU) Oana , Odenbach ,
Type: International Journal Article
Laboratory: Magnetometry Laboratory
Institution: UPT