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                Systems with Complex Fluids
Title: LDA measurements of unsteady velocity field for decelerated swirling flows in a discharge cone
Published In: International Conference on Energy and Environment, CIEM 2013, Bucharest, Romania
Description: The paper presents our experimental investigations of velocity field with LDA system. First is presented the setup in order to obtain this type of measurements and second is presented the mean and instantaneous flow field obtain from the measurements. The flow field obtain from measurements with phase average method will help us to understand the flow physics at the exit of the runner in the discharge cone. The main features obtained shown the flow non uniformity at the runner exit and the shape of the vortex rope in the discharge cone.
Publication year: 2013
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Authors: BOSIOC Ilie Alin , MUNTEAN Sebastian , SUSAN-RESIGA Romeo ,
Type: International Conference Proceedings
Laboratory: Numerical Simulation and Parallel Computing Laboratory
Institution: ARFT