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Title: The Use of the nanomagnetic fluids and the magnetic field to enhance the production of composite by RTM – MNF
Published In: Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Frontiers on Polymers and Advanced Materials, - ICEPAM 2003, Part IV of IV, Bucharest, Romania, June 10th – june 14th, Vol. 418, pp. 29[757] – 40 [768], 2004
Description: Abstract: The future of the Nanomagnetic Fluids presence in the mass of composite materials, can be analyzed for potential applications in aeronautics or can be frequently used to promote the RTM process. The research was focused on the compatibility that can exist between the various categories of nanomagnetic fluids and the resins used for the RTM procedure.
ISSN:ISSN 1542-1406 print / 1563-5287 online
DOI:DOI 10.1080 / 15421400490478911
Publication year: 2004
Keywords:Compatibility, composite material, nanomagnetic fluids, resin
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Authors: CRAINIC Nicolae , MARQUES Antonio Torres , BICA Doina , VEKAS Ladislau , Novoa Paulo Jorge , MOREIRA de SA Carlos Pinto ,
Type: International Conference Proceedings
Link: / 15421400490478911
Laboratory: Rheology Laboratory
Institution: UPT