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Title: Nanao – Composite Materials Obtained Using Nano-Magnetic Fluids and Resins
Published In: 5th Conference on Isotopic and Molecular Processes PIM - 2007, ABSTRACTS, September 20 - 22 2007, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, pp. 106
Description: Abstract: This work was performed in the framework of the CEEX project NanoMagneFluidSeal supported by the National Autority of the Scientific Research. We investigated the magnetic properties of the solid samples with the measurement of magnetic field paraller and perpendicular to the polymerization magnetic field, the microsctructure of the samples, and tfe mechanical properties (three points bending test, elastic properties, gel time determination, etc.) corresponding to different preparation methods. The polymerization process took place with and without magnetic field.
Publication year: 2007
Keywords:Nanomagnetisable composite materials, resin, nagnetic field, magnetic nanofluids
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Authors: CRAINIC Nicolae , BICA Doina , MARQUES Antonio Torres , Novoa Paulo Jorge , CORREIA Nuno ,
Type: National Conference Proceedings
Laboratory: Rheology Laboratory
Institution: UPT