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Title: Nano Magnetic Composite Materials With Polymer Matrix Obtained Using Nano-Magnetic Fluids
Published In: 2007 MRS Fall Meeting, November 26 - 30, 2007, Exhibit: November 27 - 29 , Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Boston Hotel Boston, MA, pp. 176, POSTER
Description: Abstract: The use of polymer solutions as host starting materials gives rise to simple production routes for nanocomposites; Magnetic Nanofluids (MNFs) consisting of magnetic nanoparticles stably dispersed in an organic solvent carrier present themselves as an adequate medium to introduce already dispersed nanoparticles into a host matrix material. In order to obtain an effective nanostructured material it is necessary to obtain a good dispersion of the MNF within the host material; Once the magnetic nanoparticles are well dispersed within the host material they can be used as an effective means of reinforcement due to alignment by the use of external magnetic fields prior to host reticulation (i.e., chemical networking); Production of nanocomposites based on MNF/isopropanol and unsaturated polyester (UPR)/styrene solutions; Evaluate the effectiveness of ultrasonication I achieving dispersion of MNF magnetic nanoparticles within the host polymer; Determine mechanisms of dispersion associated with the use of sonication;
Publication year: 2007
Keywords:polymer, nanocomposite, nano-magnetic fluids, nanoparticles
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Authors: CRAINIC Nicolae , BICA Doina , MARQUES Antonio Torres , POPA Nicolae Calin , Novoa Paulo Jorge , CORREIA Nuno , MARINICA (BALAU) Oana , MOREIRA de SA Carlos Pinto , VEKAS Ladislau ,
Type: International Conference Proceedings
Laboratory: Rheology Laboratory
Institution: UPT