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Title: Method for Determining the Concentration of Some Complex Alloys with High Capacity of Amorphization
Published In: Proceedings of the ANKIROS’99, 5th International Iron – Steel & Foundry, Technology, Machinery an Products Traide Fair Congress, October 14 – 15, 1999, TUYAP Exhibition Center, Beylikduzu – Istambul, 1999, Turkey, pp 441 - 446
Description: Abstract: The paper present a method to determine the appropriate chemical composition, which is needed for a good alloy amorphization, using the dimension of component atoms, based on a dense random packing model. This model has been tested for some binary and complex alloys. Experimental results on Fe–Ni–P alloys show a good agreement to the theoretical model.
Publication year: 1999
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Authors: RADUTA Aurel , NICOARA Mircea , CRAINIC Nicolae , BELGIU George ,
Type: International Conference Proceedings
Laboratory: Rheology Laboratory
Institution: UPT