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Title: The Use of Magnetic Nano-fluids to Obtain Magnetic Nano-composite Materials
Published In: Proceedings of the NANOSMAT, 5th International Conference on Surfaces, Coatings and Nanostructured Materials, 19-21 October 2010, Reims, France, Abstracts Book Editors: Dr Nasar Ali (UK) Prof. Jean Ebothe (France) Dr Imran Patel (BUE - Egypt)
Description: Abstract: The paper presents a new category of magnetic nano-composite materials obtained using magnetic nano-fluids and resins. The samples were prepared using different mixtures of resins and magnetic nano-fluids, with different concentration of magnetic nano-particles. Magnetic fluids, also known as ferrofluids, are ultra stable colloidal suspensions of ferromagnetic particles – e.g. magnetite (Fe3O4) – in various carrier liquids. The ultra fine magnetic particles (of 30 – 150 Å), “integrate” themselves in the structure of the carrier liquid. The colloid stability is assured even in strongly non-uniform magnetic fields. The medium behaves like a quasi-homogeneous strongly magnetizable liquid due to the presence of approximately (1017 – 1018) magnetic particles in one cubic centimeter and combines the properties of magnetic materials with those of fluids, in a rather spectacular way. This research started with the intention to exploit the possibility to achieve some new materials in the context of Nanotechnology Constructions, using the Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process and the inclusion of nano-fluids, considering the possibility to orient the magnetic nano-particles in magnetic field, as function of the desired properties for the specified applications.
Publication year: 2010
Keywords:magnetic nano-composite materials, magnetic nano-fluids, resin
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Authors: CRAINIC Nicolae , BICA Doina , MARQUES Antonio Torres , VEKAS Ladislau , Novoa Paulo Jorge , MARINICA (BALAU) Oana , VIEIRA Pedro , POPA Nicolae Calin , CORREIA Nuno , MOREIRA de SA Carlos Pinto ,
Type: International Conference Proceedings
Laboratory: Rheology Laboratory
Institution: UPT