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Title: Unoxidable Steels Utilized in Food Industry Equipment Construction
Published In: Lucrarile Simpozionului “Stiinte, Procese si Tehnologii Agroalimentare”, Zilele Academice Timisene, Editia a VI – a, 27 – 28 Mai 1999, Timisoara, Editura Mirton Timisoara, pp 289 - 292
Description: Abstract: Based on bibliographical study and long experience, the paper shows o lot of recommendations about the unoxidable steels utilizable in food industry.
ISBN:ISBN 973 – 578 – 825 - x
Publication year: 1999
Keywords:Materials, food equipement, unoxidable
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Authors: MNERIE Dumitru , TELEKY Levente , CRAINIC Nicolae , NISTORAN (Botis) Mihaela , SLAVICI Titus ,
Type: National Conference Proceedings
Laboratory: Rheology Laboratory
Institution: UPT