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Title: Characterization of sedimentation and high magnetic field flow behavior of some magnetorheological fluids
Published In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol. 149, No. 1, 012071
Description: Preparation and characterization of an improved sedimentation rate MR fluid is presented. Three different commercial additives were used for dispersion/stabilization of iron particles with sizes between 4-6 ┬Ám in synthetic oil carrier. The structural and magnetorheological properties of the sample (MRF-LM5) were compared with the same characteristics measured for a commercial MR fluid (MRF-132DG, LORD Co., USA) of similar saturation magnetization. The sedimentation rate of particles measured by X-ray transmission in MRF-LM5 is twice slower than in MRF-132DG, while the MR effect is higher for the commercial MR sample.
ISSN:ISSN 1742-6588 (Print)
Publication year: 2009
Keywords:Magnetorheological fluids
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Authors: LITA Marin , HAN Adelina , SUSAN-RESIGA (GHEORGHE) Daniela ,
Type: International Conference Proceedings
Laboratory: Rheology Laboratory
Institution: UPT